Keyways purchased the remaining inventory of VTLAN40 terminals from Digital
Equipment Corporation when they End Of Lifed the product.  Their loss is 
your gain since you can now purchase NEW-IN-BOX units directly from Keyways, 
as well as most spare parts for the VTLAN 40s.  

The wonderful feature of this unit is that it can replace VT340 and VT340+ 
terminals since it has VT340 emulation built in!  

You just add your own Super-VGA monitor and a keyboard (your own or can be 
purchased from us) and you have a complete terminal.  If your have a monitor 
problem in the future you just replace the Super-VGA monitor, not the entire 
unit (as you would with a regular VT340).

Another nice feature is that is can connect to systems using ethernet (LAT,
TCP/IP, and DECNET) which may well free up serial ports on your system(s).

See the Product Description below. Call us if you have any questions.

Product Description of VTLAN 40 Windowing Network Terminal _________________________________________________________________ VT LAN40 Windowing Network Terminal HIGHLIGHTS * Industry's first windowing network terminal with the low cost of ownership of a text terminal * Pre-configured for TCP/IP, DECnet, and LAT Ethernet environments * Features the Microsoft Windows V3.1 user interface * Supports up to eight text and graphics sessions PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Production functions, such as customer support and production control, require the user to access several database applications at the same time. The desktop device must display these existing applications simultaneously, without requiring any change to them. The device must be low cost, easy to support, simple to install, easy to use, and extremely reliable. The VT Lan40 is a windowing network terminal that has the low cost of ownership of a text terminal. It is designed for network environments in which a user needs simultaneous access to many existing host applications, such as customer service, production control, process monitoring, and accounting. The VT Lan40 is preconfigured for direct connection to Ethernet networks, making installation quick and simple. Session and configuration information can be protected by password, reducing network support costs. Sessions are managed by the Microsoft Windows V3.1 familiar and easy to use interface. As a result of these features, the VT Lan40 can be used for years with little or no network support. The new windowing network terminal combines elements of an X terminal, a personal computer running a terminal emulator, and text and graphics terminals into a single product. Like an X terminal, the VT Lan40 is designed for direct connection to an Ethernet network, providing extensive connectivity with rapid data transfer. Because the windowing terminal does not use the X11 protocol, it requires few host or network resources and needs no additional host or server software. Like a text terminal, the VT Lan40 has low support costs. It is preconfigured at the factory for easy network installation, with built in support for TCP/IP (Telnet), DECnet (CTERM), and LAT network environments. Simple dialog boxes lead users through network configuration. Network configuration and other selections can be password protected, reducing the opportunity for accidental changes. The VT Lan40 also supports up to eight color sessions over a single serial line using the widely supported TD/SMP protocol. Terminal emulation and the Windows manager are stored in read-only memory (ROM), which eliminates the need for a disk or floppy drive--improving reliability and data security. Like network PCs, the VT Lan40 uses Microsoft Windows V3.1 to manage the user environment. Sessions are launched from an intuitive control panel. Windows can be resized and positioned; the text automatically resizes with the window. Since sessions are in separate, independent windows, each session has its own color selections, and the VT Lan40 can be connected to one or more hosts using Ethernet connections, the serial ports, or both methods at the same time. Features * Factory configured for low network support costs * Supports TCP/IP, DECnet, and LAT network protocols * Supports ThinWire, thick wire, or twisted-pair Ethernet * Includes Microsoft Windows V3.1 windowing interface * Supports up to eight independent color sessions through network and/or serial lines * Emulates the following text terminals: VT420, VT340, VT330,VT241, VT220, VT100, ANSI BBS, and VT52 * Supports ReGIS, Tektronix 4010 and 4014, and Sixels graphics protocols * Supports the following keyboard languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Flemish, Finnish, French, German, Italian,Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish * Supports the following Windows languages: English, French, Spanish, and German * Supports a 14- to 21-inch monitor; VGA through SVGA; and up to 1024 x 768 pixels with 16 colors * Designed for low energy consumption * Meets international standards for low impact on the environment * Comes with a three-year warranty on controller box, keyboard, and mouse * Includes a one-year warranty on Digital monitors BENEFITS The VT Lan40 facilitates the transition to client/server computing by easing the integration of legacy applications into a network and windowing enviroment. It is ideal for production applications for which uninterrupted service and low support costs are essential. Key benefits of the VT Lan40 are: * Provides simultaneous access to data on many hosts through network or serial connections * Is easy and quick to install * Provides years of service with very low network support costs * Reduces training time through the familiar Windows environment * Requires no change to existing VT text and graphics applications AVAILABILITY AND ORDERING The VT Lan40 windowing terminal is available now. It has three components: a terminal controller box, including a power cord and mouse; a monitor; and a keyboard. For a complete system, each component must be ordered as a separate line item. Note that the VT Lan40 uses the same keyboards and monitors as the VT500 and Multia families. ROM firmware is available for English, Spanish, and German languanges. The VT Lan40 uses standard super-VGA monitors that the customer supplies. Keyboards supported: VT108 ANSI VT108 WPS Enhanced PC Keyboard Language LK411-AD LK412-AD PCXAL-GD Danish LK411-AH LK412-AH PCXAL-GH Dutch LK411-AA LK412-AA English - U.S., U.K., Ireland PCXAL-GE English - U.K., Ireland LK411-AQ LK412-AQ PCXAL-GQ English - Canada PCXAL-GA English - North America LK411-AF LK412-AF Finnish PCXAL-JA Finnish, Swedish LK411-AB LK412-AB PCXAL-GB Flemish LK411-AC LK412-AC PCXAL-GC French - Canada LK411-AP LK412-AP PCXAL-GP French - France LK411-AK LK412-AK PCXAL-GK French - Switzerland LK411-AG LK412-AG PCXAL-GG German - Austria, Germany LK411-AL LK412-AL PCXAL-GL German - Switzerland LK411-AI LK412-AI PCXAL-GI Italian LK411-AN LK412-AN PCXAL-GN Norwegian LK411-AV LK412-AV PCXAL-GV Portuguese PCXAL-GR Spanish - Latin America LK411-AS LK412-AS PCXAL-GS Spanish - Spain LK411-AM LK412-AM Swedish TECHNICAL DATA Windowing environment * Microsoft Windows V3.1 windows manager - Multiple, resizable windows - Independent session configuration * Windows features - Two-button PS/2 mouse, copy and paste, clock, calendar, calculator, control center session manager * Customizable user preferences - Colors, screen saver, wall paper, session assignments * Windows languages - English, French, German, Spanish * Session support - Up to eight independent, active text or graphic sessions - Sessions remain active when reduced to icons - Session startup through single mouse click Applications Compatibility * ANSI text - VT420, VT340, VT330, VT320, VT220, VT100, VT52, and VT131 block mode; ANSI BBS protocol * Graphics - DEC VT340 and VT330, ReGIS, Sixel, Tektronix 4010 and 4014 * Character sets - ISO-Latin 1, DEC Multinational, Technical, Graphics, Line Drawing - PC code pages 437, 850 - NRCS, DRCS * Display formats - 24 to 144 lines, 80 or 132 columns - Attributes: blink, underline, reverse, double high, double wide - Intensity: normal, bold - Cursor: block or underline, blink, steady or off * Fonts - Auto scaling fonts - Fonts resize in reduced windows * Terminal configuration - Select from menu - Saved in non-volatile memory - Password protection - Fully programmable keyboard Communications * Network protocol support - LAT, DECnet (CTERM), and TCP/IP (Telnet) * Serial modes - Full or half duplex, block, RS423 (MMJ) support, RS232 support with full modem control * Flow control - Select DTR/DSR, CTS/RTS, XON/XOFF, none - Independent send and receive, 300 to 115.2 Kbaud - Support for TD/SMP (SSU) * Printer - Centronics parallel and serial printer support; color and black on white; HP-GL, IBM ProPrinter, Citizen, Canon, Epson, and Digital ANSI printer protocols Hardware Specifications * CPU - 32-bit embedded processor, Intel instruction set * Memory - 4 MB RAM standard * Graphics support - 640 x 480 with 256 colors - 800 x 600 with 256 colors - 1024 x 768 with 16 colors * Connectors - 1 EIA RS232 DB-25 (male or female) - 1 EIA RS423 6-pin MMJ - 1 DB-25 Centronics (female) parallel printer port * Ethernet LAN connections - EIA 802.3, ThinWire, thick wire, 10BaseT (twisted pair) * Power (all models) - 100 to 240 V with detachable power cord - 88 to 264 V single phase, 3-wire design - 47 to 63 Hz frequency - 30 W operating - VESA/DPMS power saver Physical Characteristics * Controller box - 7 cm (2.8 inches) high - 32 cm (12.8 inches) wide - 33 cm (13.2 inches) deep - 4.5 kg (10 pounds) shipping weight * VT style keyboard - 5 cm (1.8 inches) high - 48 cm (18.8 inches) wide - 18 cm (7.0 inches) deep - 1.2 kg (2.5 pounds) shipping weight * PC style keyboard - 5 cm (1.9 inches) high - 48 cm (18.8 inches) wide - 20 cm (8.0 inches) deep - .9 kg (2.0 pounds) shipping weight Regulatory Compliance * Product safety - AS/NZS 3260, CSZ 22.2 #950, 22.1 DHHS rules 21CFR, subchapter J, NFPA 70-1978, IEC 950, EN60950 UL 1950 1st edition, VDE 0805 DEMKO, NEMKO, SEMKO, FIMKO - EMI/RFI (Electromagnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference) - FCC Class B, CSA 108.8 Class B, CISPR-22 Class A - VDE Class B, CE Class B, (EN55022, EN50082-1, EN60555-2) - ITE (VCCI) Class 2, MPR-2 1990:8 * PTT (Public Telegraph and Telephone) - CCITT V.24, V28 Australia, Germany, Japan, Sweden * Ergonomics - TUV ZH/618, TCO 1992 - EN29241-3 (ISO 9241-3), ECMA 74 - ISO 9295/6, Statskontoret 26:2 * Environmental - Energy Star and NUTEK energy compliance - Environmentally compatible materials and processes used in design and production - Designed for recycling Keyboards * Ergonomic, detachable keyboard with two-position tilt * PC mini-DIN keyboard connector for PS/2 compatible input devices * Keyboard styles - Digital VT (108 keys) ANSI - Digital WPS (108 keys) - Enhanced PC (101 and 102 keys) * Language support - Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

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